Body of laws that facilitates commercial activities and shapes business relationships.

BUSINESS STRUCTURE: Assist businesses owners to choose or rethink their legal structures and to define or redefine their stakeholder relationships.  Prepare legal documents such as company constitutions, shareholders agreements, discretionary trust deeds, unit trust deeds, hybrid trusts deeds, unitholders agreements, joint venture agreements, partnership agreements, venture capital investment fund deeds, SMSF trust deeds, SMSF borrowing bare trust deeds.

BUSINESS TRANSACTIONS: Handle business sales or acquisitions.  Carry out legal due diligence.  Prepare and negotiate sale of business agreements, share sale agreements, shares subscription agreements, converting notes, and other legal documents relating to the transactions.  Manage and complete the transactions.

CONTRACTS: Advise clients on their contractual rights and obligations. Prepare and negotiate a wide range of commercial contracts such as dealership agreements, distributorship agreements, supply agreements, manufacturing agreements, trade terms, standing orders, tender documents, agency agreements, share agricultural land use agreements, contractor agreements, service agreements, loan agreements, convertible notes, media and sponsorship agreements, products procurement agreements, business introduction agreements, medical services and facility agreement, intellectual property licence agreement and many more.


CORPORATE GOVERNANCE: Advise on corporate compliance, shareholders rights, director’s duties, capital raising rules, meeting procedures, and insolvency issues.

EMPLOYMENT LAW: Advise employers and employees on their duties, performance management, termination of employment, redundancy, health and occupational safety issues, restraint of trade, and protection of trade secret.  Prepare employment contracts, deeds of restraint, confidentiality agreements, and human resources policies.

FRANCHISING: Design new franchise systems for franchisors or help to improve their existing systems. Prepare pro forma franchise documents such as disclosure documents, franchise agreements and business premises licences or subleases. Assist franchisees to negotiate the terms of the franchise agreements and business premises licences or subleases.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: Protect and commercialise ideas, brands, product designs, creations, and inventions. Assist in trade mark and design registrations. Advise on issues relating to copyrights and moral rights.  Prepare or negotiate trade marks, designs or copyrights licence agreements or assignment deeds.