Avenues for enforcing legal rights and resolving commercial and civil disputes.

PRE-LITIGATION ADVICE: Obtain instructions, meet with witnesses and review evidence in order to map out the causes of action, evaluate the merits of a claim or defence, consider the chance of success, assess the risks of litigation, put together a litigation team, work out the litigation budget, and formulate the litigation strategy.

EARLY DISPUTE RESOLUTION: Resolve disputes using early interventions such as negotiation (in many shapes and forms), expert determination or early mediation before proceeding is issued.

COMMERCIAL AND CIVIL LITIGATIONS: Conduct legal proceedings and manage complex litigation procedures in State and Federal courts and tribunals in disputes relating to commercial contracts, intellectual property rights (confidential information, copyright, design and trade mark), franchising, maritime law, commercial tenancy, commercial construction, director’s duties, company affairs, company oppressive conducts, partnership, breach of trusts, employment law, trade practices, misleading and deceptive conducts, unconscionable conducts, product liability, and defamation.


PLANNING AND ENVIRONMENTAL LAW: Advise and resolve planning and environmental law disputes using the tribunal and court system or through alternative dispute resolution processes.

ADMINISTRATIVE DECISION REVIEW: Investigate and review administrative decisions made by government departments and agencies.  This includes statutory interpretation, natural justice issues and procedural fairness investigations and inquiries, freedom of information, privacy, merits and judicial review of administrative decisions, and statutory compliance.

GOVERNMENT ACTIONS: Defend actions taken by government authorities in relation to matters such as planning compliance, building works compliance, custom and bio-security law enforcement, health and food safety compliance, pollution and environmental damages, and proceeds of crime prosecutions.

STATUTORY DEMAND PROCEDURE: Recover debts from company debtors through statutory demand procedures and conduct winding up proceeding.  Assist company debtors to set aside statutory demands and oppose winding procedure.

BANKRUPTCY: Enforce judgment debts, apply for bankruptcy notice, file creditor’s petition, and obtain sequestration orders.